Take Advantage of LinkedIn Opportunities for:

  • New referral relationships
  • New co-marketing opportunities
  • New invitations to speak, join referral networks, and even new clients 
Boost Your Professional Connections & Referral Sources

Although about 70% of lawyers have a LinkedIn profile, the majority of them are barely active on the site, if they log on at all.  

Did you know LinkedIn boasts 260 million users each month, with 40% of those users logging into the site DAILY? LinkedIn is your source for networking with other business owners and colleagues, which can boost your revenue from referral sources without ever having to take people out to lunch or drinks after work. 

Build Your Professional Network And Boost Your Bottom Line By 30% Without Having To Wear A Suit Or Leave The Office

LinkedIn provides a professional networking platform that is accessible at all hours. Plus, a little engagement can provide big gains in boosting your professional connections and referral sources for new clients. And the best part is … it’s free! You don’t have to pay a subscription to have a profile or a company page.

Our LinkedIn Networking Online Course includes comprehensive tutorials to teach you how to:

  • Set up a great profile and company page that are compelling and easily found
  • Post content people will love, follow, and share
  • Find, connect, and convert people in your network
  • Network with referral sources online effectively to win new clients

Don’t leave money sitting on the table – take your loved ones or friends out to lunch and connect with referral sources online for free instead.

Take a Peak at the Curriculum!

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  Building Your LinkedIn Profile
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  Creating Content
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  Making Connections on LinkedIn
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Your Instructors

Jennifer Goddard

Jennifer Goddard is CEO, Vice President and co-founder of IMS. She guided the agency from its start-up as a consulting firm in 1995 to a multimillion-dollar national agency.

Amber Kelly

Amber joined IMS as a Client Coach in 2020. She graduated from Penn State University with a Business Administration degree focusing on Marketing and Management.

Kurt Lohmann

Kurt graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in International Relations and has worked at IMS since August of 2020 as a Local SEO Specialist and Digital Tech.