Revenue on Command Academy

A training and coaching academy for attorneys who are building Revenue on Command now!

Module 1 Introduction to ROC Academy
Lesson 1 Introducing Revenue on Command  - Preview
Module 2 Setting Clear Expectations
Lesson 1 Start Building a Powerful Mindset
Lesson 2 The Success Formula: Your Powerful Webinar
Lesson 3 A Few Do's and Don'ts
Lesson 4 Presentation Skills
Module 3 The Logistics
Lesson 1 The Accounts You'll Need
Lesson 2 ScheduleOnce - Your Online Booking Calendar
Lesson 3 Your Customer Relationship Management Platform
Module 4 Accelerate Your Outcome
Lesson 1 Communicating Your True Value
Lesson 2 Tapping Into Your Existing Network
Lesson 3 Presenting Your Webinar LIVE ... or Not?
Lesson 4 Online Presence
Module 5 TRUST Selling System
Lesson 1 Why "Book a Call"?
Lesson 2 True Intention
Lesson 3 Rapport
Lesson 4 Uncovering the Problem
Lesson 5 Size Up
Lesson 6 Truthful Solution
Module 6 Webinar Automation
Lesson 1 The Funnel - Webinar Automation and Lead Journey
Lesson 2 Statistical Significance
Module 7 Your Facebook Webinar Ads
Lesson 1 An Introduction to Facebook Advertising
Lesson 2 What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads
Module 8 Optimizing Your Results
Lesson 1 Diagnosing Your Funnel
Lesson 2 Scaling Up ... Advanced Strategies