Rock Star Staff Academy

Training and coaching to help you become a digital marketing Rock Star, support your law firm, and drive new business.

Module 1 Becoming a Rock Star
Lesson 1 Welcome to the Rock Star Academy
Module 2 Intro to Sales & Book a Call
Lesson 1 Book a Call Conversion Strategy - The Foundations
Module 3 The Essential Solution Platform
Lesson 1 Overview of the WordPress Platform
Lesson 2 The Does and Dont's of the Essentials Platform
Lesson 3 Editing Page Content and Adding New Pages
Lesson 4 Event Management
Lesson 5 QUIZ!
Module 4 Blogging and E-Newsletters
Lesson 1 Overview of Blogging
Lesson 2 E-Newsletters: Who, What, When and How
Lesson 3 Managing Your Email List
Lesson 4 QUIZ!
Module 5 LAWMATICS and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Lesson 1 An Introduction to CRM Marketing with LAWMATICS
Lesson 2 Your Client Intake Process
Lesson 3 Tracking, Tools, Tips & Tricks
Lesson 4 QUIZ!
Module 6 Search Engine Optimization and Website Performance
Lesson 1 Building Your Keyword Strategy for Search Engine Optimization
Lesson 2 Optimizing Daily Blog Posts
Lesson 3 Google Analytics: What Really Matters?
Module 7 Social Media I: The Basics
Lesson 1 Social Netiquette
Lesson 2 Facebook, LinkedIn And Twitter ... Oh My!
Lesson 3 Brand Voice and Alignment Across Platforms
Lesson 4 QUIZ!
Module 8 Social Media II: Advanced Social Media
Lesson 1 Online Reviews
Lesson 2 Google My Business: Managing Your Firm's Listing
Lesson 3 Social Media Content
Lesson 4 QUIZ!